Interested in slowing down gray matter loss.

Looking for options. But couldn’t find a lot - all I’ve found that NAC is probably no good for brain atrophy ( and also there are bunch of articles on erythropoietin effectiveness ( like this) but it’s not cheap and difficult to buy.

This gray matter loss thing is eating at me. Just knowing that there are some drugs are helpful there would be a huge relief.

Learning a new skill that requires hand-eye coordination and/or mental processing can improve your brain. I did a term paper on it in school. The trick is, you have to keep learning new things to maintain your gains. The scientists in this study used juggling as the skill they taught, but it could be any skill. I’m currently part of a study that uses brain training games to improve cognition and social functioning in schizophrenia patients. It’s great.

fish oil?

It’s also important to note that recent studies show that gray matter loss is due to psychotic episodes, not the medication. So the best way to prevent it is by staying on meds and staying stable!

Yes. I think I remember reading that fish oil can help. Get pharma grade fish oil though because of the mercury thing.



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Found out there is 7,8-dihydoxyflavone which seem to have neuroprotective and anti-inflammatory properties. Going to go with this one.