Interested in EFT

Interested in this therapy as I see it as something actual and can be self-done with the right conditions. I’m wondering if EFT has helped any of you, and quite frankly invite someone to look up EFT, as I believe it is successful in rethinking thoughts, as to change thought processes and thought ideation created from emotional responses, by re-shaping thought processes with reshaping primary emotions.

Became an obsessive habit for me, and frankly didn’t do anything. During the months that I was using it religiously I thought i was making great progress though, but wasn’t actually. For example I used it a lot on a phobia and it wouldn’t budge, only after doing exposures for months did it go away. I think it can feed into a delusional obsessive habit where you have to use it on everything and anything, dismissing the fact that perspective changes come naturally with time, not sped up by becoming a what I call “mind surgeon” with EFT i.e going inside and trying to fix everything.

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