Interdimensional layering

You lay down the imperceptible material over the water.

The material is from another universe, our senses can’t perceive it.

Presto, you can walk on water. Looks cool as ■■■■ to.

You can also cover people in layering and they can just stand in fire like it’s nothing. Looks cool as ■■■■.

Breathing underwater is a neat trick as well, with no perceptible air source you just breathe down there, it looks cool as ■■■■ to.

There can be alot of cool tricks from other universes.

Is it now? Just sounds like some bull from an unmediated mental patient and you are what you eat. How is feeding your irrational thoughts really helping you? You just seem to be wasting time! Why? What are you avoiding? Also sense some green smoke above your head atm. Self medication I believe at any rate. Clearly it isn’t helping so why persist? If pain persists see your doctor. The specialist in this case is a psychiatrist.