Intense sadness

For some reason I have intense sadness today. does that happen to many people? I’m trying to maintain sobriety but it’s days like this where i really want to drink. Then I’d feel better. I guess I’m just sad. I feel selfish. Unworthy of what I have. And scared of not giving my son what he deserves since I’m in debt right now. (I’m going thru divorce).
Iv tried antidepressants and it flew me into a rage. I get a reaction tachycardia with Susie’s. Risperidone is working very well with me except for my sadness and depression. Any advice?

Beating yourself up will probably not help you or your son.

Being nice ,supportive to yourself might and encourage yourself and praise yourself for being sober.

A swag is a good gift to a adult child if one is poor.

Being sober is also a good gift to your son I think.

You should probably tell your Dr about this and see if he/she changes your medication so you are not so depressed and feel a bit more hope and positivity.

That you can get through this and your son can have a good life and so can you and so forth.

Kind wishes to you.:blush::pray:t3:

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Just remember that though you feel bad now, things can get better. You can have better days ahead. One time I was talking to my Emotions Anonymous twelve step sponser, and he told me, “Some days are just necessary days. The best thing is to try to move through them.”

Thanks:) he’s 3 right now. I haven’t seen him in a while him and his mother live across the country. Making a living and staying healthy is about as good as I can do right now I guess. I wish I could change everything at once but one step at a time. I should make an updated appointment with my pdoc

I have an addiction to being in bliss whenever I please all the time. But as my sobriety & illness goes on I see that it’s prob not a very mature way of handling life! Pain’s the name of the game. Tommorow might be better

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You’re not alone. (And I love your username, btw)

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Thank you :slight_smile:
Yah, i picked mine boxed cause sometimes on a bad day it’s like your mind is boxed in with nothing but delusions or anxiety

That’s the perfect way to describe it!!!

Sounds logical to me.

  1. You want to drink but can’t-or shouldn’t.
  2. You feel sad you can’t, so it becomes a strong emotion, gaining strength until you give in…?
    If you have a 3 year old, no doubt your familiar with how this works.

With alcohol, Ive had to stop drinking it, and all be darned if it didn’t try every trick in the book to get me to pick up that bottle…
the only thing that works is to resist it each and every time.
I’m a natural procrastinator, so I used this to my benefit, I told myself, “later, in a half hour” “not now, later.” until I fazed it out of my life for good.


Doesn’t procrastination work great?! I can see that. Il say to myself nope not today. I have to take it one day at a time or else il just go oh screw it, il just buy a pack next week anyways so why bother waiting till then". I’m not a pro yet tho. Another reason is my meds. I don’t dare mix them anymore or dare go off the meds. So that’s a big push to not drink.

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when i have rough days it helps me to remember that feelings come and go, and depression will pass too. i try to go easy on myself, avoiding chores and doing something i enjoy. maybe order myself a takeout meal instead of having a beer (i’m trying to quit the booze too.)

Sometimes there’s nothing u can do it’s just ur brain chemistry gone awry. For me i know it’ll go away and i think it’s interesting, even tho it sux. I wouldnt resort to meds for it unless its really out of control. Spending time in sun helps me.

Maybe time for a med tweak.

There are other antidepressants like trazodone, which is also used for sleep. But if it’s just sometimes, you may not need it. A distraction may work better.

Did you try ssri’s? If you did maybe try a different type of antidepressant. Im on Wellbutrin, and I like it. I didnt like Lexapro (except at the beginning when it got rid of my anxiety).