Insurance FINALLY approved xyrem appeal!

YES!! Let me tell you this med better be amazing and life changing after the trouble I have had to go through to get on it. I think I might die of disappointment if I have a sucky experience with it at this point.

It took my insurance a full MONTH to review my doctor’s appeal but I got a thick letter saying that it was approved. I’m super happy! I think this was the hardest part of the process so hopefully things move quickly from here on.

Unfortunately I still do not have my fanapt. If I would’ve known it took this long to order, I would’ve turned in my script earlier. I’ve missed 3 doses now. I may have to start again from the lowest dose and titrate up and that makes me mad.

But hey!! Finally getting xyrem!!

summary: Read the title, also I still don’t have my fanapt :rage: Guess they had to call it in from across the country dang


That’s great! I hope it helps :smiley:

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I hope this works for you! You really deserve the quality sleep.

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