Instead of a women. maybe a

roommate would be fine. I don’t know if i’m too easy to get along with though. and I would have to be cleaning the place all the time. not sure, maybe in time I won’t be so lonely.


Roommates pay. Women cost money. That’s been my experience. I mean I have some friends that have a wife or girlfriend that works but mine has always been a homemaker.

She did a wonderful job raising our son though and I am glad I could always afford all the bills so she could do that. He is grown now though.


Try having a friend stay the night.? I did that for a while. It was rejuvenating. I think you’d be very interesting.
Take care.

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@TomCat, You are always complaining about your wife. Are you sure you want to keep her?

Probably has been with her for the longest time, it’s a love/hate thing I think.

It’s cheaper to keep her. She wants alimony.

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