Instant tea

Thoughts of residents and resonance, setting precedents for presidents, whose vile rants were just by chance random acts of happenstance,

or formulated formulas founded on formic acid, which makes its victims less than placid, more likely flaccid, like being bitten by a rabid rabbit rapidly, repeatedly until they move and the seat is free,

I say you see, that life lived expectedly efficiently evades efficiency, and arrogance affords itself proficiency,

it’s what’s known as destiny, that time goes on effectively, as far we can see…

only illusions of elusions to constitutions cause profusions of contusions continually, countering encounters constantly, containing countless courtship festivities quite festively, for in the vicinity, insanity is instantly as instant tea, it’s watered down so please don’t frown and if you do, turn it turn it rightside up and raise your cup…

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I broke it apart as best I could to keep it as an easier read than my usual “wall of text”.

I received two large bottles of Lipton’s instant black tea in the post today so oddly I understand precisely.