Instant karma

whats ur thoughts on instant karma…?

The man who sexually abused me as a kid never burst into flames during the acts like he was supposed to. Sounds like fake news to me.


I believe that there is magic in this world. I cant comprehend what’s behind it , but I see the magic. So I believe anything is possible and that includes instant karma.

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I do believe that people pay for the wrongs, whether now or later. I can’t think of a single example where it was instant, but I suppose it could happen

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I am going to make this a religious discussion and say you have to forgive blah blah blah


I don’t believe in instant karma just like I don’t believe in instant coffee.

Both are a rip off.


Hmm. . .

Karma Is An Interesting And Elusive Creature That Is Held In The Grip Of Many Wise Etchings.

Sometimes Found In The Whispering Blink Of A Butterfly.

Sometimes The Comforting Drip Of A Kitchen Faucet.

Either Way, As Karma Becomes Like A Flower Spreading Wings Of Joy Into The Night Air.

Our Hearts Feel The Pulse Of Our Spirit As It Touches The Grace Of Our Own Wings.


Karma Is Jus Probability.


What does “instant” karma mean? That as soon as a bad act is committed that that person instantly pays for it? Or if you do something good you instantly get a reward? Please do tell what instant karma is.

Dammit, I just noticed that this is an old thread. Darn you Sleystic.

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Hmm. . .

I’m Not Trying To Derail The Thread By Giving Notice To Thus Word.

But!, Why Did You Use That Word Over Damn?.

Because Darn is less harsh. If you would prefer me to Damn you I can do that.

Hmm. . .

You Make A Good Point.

It Has Been Written. Still Not Trying To Continue To Derail The Thread.

But!, It Has Been Said,

‘Thou Shalt Not Curse By Thine Own Head’.

So Such As Has Been And Always Will Be. . .


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Hmm. . .

Is That Actually Dilbert?.

@shutterbug, You Have Outdone Yourself Once Again!.

I Guess That Slightly Overweight Demon Enjoys Painted Pizza.

N e Hoo. . .

Point Of The Story In Karma Is Thus: Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You.

Or!, Paint Your Pizza Solid Black, Take A Picture, And Throw It Away!.


I’m curious to know what others think Instant Karma is as well. Is that like if you shot someone, you would get hit by a bus on the way home, LOL?

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Hmm. . .

Actually You Would Get Arrested By A Police Officer And Thrown Into Jail.

After Being Charged With Murder.

By The Rule Of LAW.

Go On @dcragg65,

It’s Your Turn To Make Fun Of The Beliefs Of Karma.

The Stage Is Set.

Make Your Fellow Musicians Proud!.

If there was such a thing as instant karma @ATARI there would be no need for prisons, because all offenders would be immediately punished for their offenses. It’s quite fair to make fun of it because it is an absurd concept and no one with any experience in the real world would ever believe in it.

Hmm?. . .

Since You’re Listening, Let Me Offer Some Free Advice On The Spiritual Aspect Of The Living.

Talk Less.

And Wave To The Sky When You Go Out To Feed The Bird’s.