Are we allowed to share instagram or personal blog links here?

My Instagram account is samperezjr

Ok, I’ll share too. Instagram is: poppyetpear

oOoh I’m gonna follow you :heart_eyes:

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Geez, you guys are brave. I’d never post a picture online.

why not. what do you worry about? your looks or something else?

I have paranoid schizophrenia , so I’d rather not feed it.


I take fashion photography of myself, so it’s just something I do. It’s a little unnerving, but when I feel I look good in a photo I’m a little more brave about it.

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I’m very interested in fashion. You’re beautiful. You have a doll face :innocent:
I’ve thought about becoming a fashion blogger :dress:

Aw, thanks. I did have a fashion blog, but I shut it down because I wasn’t extremely happy with it. It’s hard to find things to write about. I’m gonna start another soon when I get a new tripod. I’m also am working on a schizoaffective disorder blog that will be more anonymous. There’s not much info out there about this disorder and I want people who have been diagnosed to be able to find something they can relate to by giving first hand experience and stories.

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I would love to read your blog once you publish it.

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Sure - I’d just be very careful and make sure that you don’t share any personally identifiable information on those sites - for your own safety and privacy (potential employers, etc. might not be accommodating of your mental health issues if they knew about them).

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