Inspiration: Lies 😮

What are the top best 3 or 5 lies you have told in your lifetime?

Please nothing offensive :smiley:

Every time I talked to police between ages 18-20 I got pretty masterful with the lies loll.

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It takes thinking as I do not lie :flushed:

I love more people than I hate

I like everybody


I know. It’s a tough question. I’m not a terribly good liar. I’ve been thinking of something where it was a good lie.

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When my siblings and I where kids, my mom told us that if we cut our own hair it would never grow back. Also, she told us if we kept crossing our eyes and making silly faces, at some point our faces would freeze that way permanently. We kinda believed her for a while. :smile:


My sister admittedly used to lie to me a lot. I remember when she told me there were only 7 locations of bamboo in the world, when we found a bamboo bush :roll_eyes:

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