Inspection and many phone calls to make!

They want to inspect my residence I was just ignoring them and there ■■■■ they left in my door screen. With that and other things I have like 4 phone calls to make this has just sped the advancement of my organization of my place i forgot to mention i just moved out of my parents

I found sense i removed a piece of building film at the doorway i was using to protect the carpet i cant get away with that. I check every time i come in if ■■■■ gets onto the carpet at the doorway i will just clean it off. Also i adjusted some stuff with one window so it looks more normal. I am on creative fire seriously


When I live alone for longer stints I start postponing cleanups and I even forget to take the garbage out for a week or so. I need at least one flatmate if I am to stay active on this front…


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