Insomnia strikes.. Once again

Soooooooooo… It’s been almost 48 hours being awake. I’m not hallucinating as bad as I normally do… But I do feel other similar symptoms of psychosis. Anyway, I’m definitely going to try and sleep. If not, I’ll keep everyone updated. :slight_smile:


Ask ur pdoc about sleeping aid …

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Yeah I have insomnia too. =(
In this heat no one can really sleep.

I used to take Ativan to help me.

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Oh man that sounds really bad, 48 hours. If I did that my brain would probably fall apart and go crazy. I would definitely get something from the dr to prevent that from happening. 5mg Ativan is used for insomnia I think.

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I’m actually prescribed Ativan by my pdoc for panic attacks and when I’m feeling a certain way towards others. Unfortunately, my aunt keeps my meds locked up for safety reasons. She actually went out and had a night to herself sooooo. She didn’t drive home and I managed to take a nap not too long ago but I still feel out of it.

It sucks when that happens. I haven’t had a big problem with it for about a year though. Hopefully I didn’t jinx myself. It could be triggered by stuff like not taking your medication or switching to a new one. If that is the case nothing to do but whether the storm.

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Same…not 48 hours awake this time though that has been me recently but tonight I am too anxious to sleep. Good luck to you!!

@anna you have actually been awake for 48 hours straight recently. I don’t know if that is good news or not because of your sleeping problems.