Insomnia due to alcohol withdrawal

this is a blast and a half… I can’t allow myself to drink any more.


It’s tough … Do you have Valerian Root on hand @Azley ?

can’t say I do… maybe I should check though.

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oh look at that… I do

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It tremendously helped my insomnia when I was quitting.

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thanks man… the bottle says take 3?

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500mg? Yeah, 3 - 4 should work. 5 - 6 if you really cant fall asleep.

Yeah… I’ll start with 3 and see if that starts to settle me down.


You’ll find most physical effects pass pretty quickly. That psychological addiction will catch up to you especially if your sz. Good for trying and hope you get there. I need to lose weight and excess calories must go. I’m doing a dry August. No alcohol. No parties. Just balls to the wall exercise and living less than large.

Hang in there @Azley. Time does help!


I’m just going to try and keep it to fridays…

I’m really not to happy that I’ve slipped into it this far

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Seriously. I don’t drink to get drunk but I like to unwind with alcohol. I’m a happy person and sometimes I overdo it but I just stick to mid strength beer and I stick to limits. Yeah sometimes I fail those limits but if your drinking a bottle of vodka a day you need to pull your head in!

Drinking isn’t bad per se . Keep it to one day to reward yourself. I’m going to do a dry August. I’ve bigger fish to fry with my weight and fitness but I don’t find it bad drinking at social gatherings and my family and club have heaps. Besides. If your thinking your drinking lots or too much. Do a dry month!

You can do this!

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Of yeah it’s like at least 6 a night… sometimes more and sometimes with different mixtures of alcohol


It’s alright man. Try not going to sleep if you can. Stay up the rest of the day and try again. Take a heavier dose of Valerian if you need it.


Start with simple goals and reward yourself. I like beer. I’m a cheap and happy drunk but it’s hard to get toasted on mid strength beer. Try to aim for a week without firstly. It’s tough but you can do it. Have a night of a six pack. Don’t go more. Alcohol can be a crutch but fight through that.

I have plenty of times to drink out with family and friends and those are good times. Drinking home in your basement aren’t!

One step at a time. Some people need the structure of AA. I tend to think if your in charge of your life you can do it by yourself with a bit of discipline!


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