Insomnia, coffee and abilify

Today’s schedule: Cleaning and programming arduino. Let’s go!


I’ve a mate who is a good musician and can play most instruments but his passion is for electronic noise music. He uses arduino’s and rapsberry Pi’s to make music. It’s different but fun for him…I admire your tech skills!

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Yes man, great stuff. I love noise.

I made a synth that can run on linux, so should be able to run on a rpi. If you want I can PM you. It looks pretty dope and can make some gritty 8-bit sounds and stuff. If you want I can PM you the link for your friend to try out. It’s still in alpha version he has to build it from source. I don’t want to link it here for privacy reasons…

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I’m hitting the coffee right now

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Yeah totally cool. I’ll ask my mate if he does linux…I know he was doing programs in C+ but if cool yeah all good. One of his kits is in like a lego box. It’s so cool even if I can’t understand it! haha.

Yes, yes, and yes.

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