Insomnia Benzo/Ativan withdrawal

I can’t sleep, i got 2-3 hours last night and tonight I can’t fall asleep. I’m at the 74 hour mark of my last dose of Ativan. Any advice or personal experiences?

Do you have access to a drug store right now? If so Id go out and get some melatonin, it did wonders to make me sleep and its natural and OTC

Everything is closed right now, it’s almost midnight.

Thats all I got man besides counting sheep or drinking/smoking weed (which I dont recommend), sorry

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Thanks man

If you put yourself in complete darkness your brain will make its own melatonin. You can tie a shirt around your head like a bandana and cover your eyes with it. You’ll sleep sooner and probably for longer.

I definitely recommend you get some melatonin for future nights. I take 6 mg every night and I’m asleep within an hour.

Keep trying, don’t give up.

Can you get your hands on L Theanine @TheCanuk ?

Who took you off atvian? Did you do it yourself or was it your doctor ?

If you did it yourself then you might want to taper down the way I did instead of cold turkey.

You’re close to the withdrawals being over. Melatonin wasn’t strong enough for me as I also had restless leg syndrome. Hydroxyzine and clonodine work well but require a prescription. Hydroxyzine is like Benadryl on steroids (just a real strong Benadryl) so I would suggest taking a Benadryl

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