Insomnia 2017

To bed at 11.00 because depot at 9 tomorrow. Couldn’t sleep. Still awake 2 hours later so got up.

These days, I’m on an up all night, sleep all day sleeping schedule and I don’t like it one bit. I can’t get to my daytime appointments this way. I’m missing all of them. How do you guys turn yourselves around when you have your days and nights mixed up? I do this all of the time and I hate it.

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I am taking 5 mg fast dissolve Melatonin and it is putting me to sleep within minutes.


Yes I recommend melatonin. I only need 3mg.


Can you get melatonin over the counter?

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Yes you can. It takes a few days to work since it is a hormone that “adjusts” your sleep cycle. Now I don’t always need it, come 9pm I am automatically tired. It’s great!

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I got mine from the supplement store with no prescription. It is 5 mg fast dissolve pills. My medication causes insomnia as a side effect so when I just want to sleep, I take a pill and go to bed. Maybe if I don’t take it everyday I will still fall asleep :woman_shrugging:t2:

Melatonin gives me headaches, every med make me sleep. :sleeping:

Just 1 melatonin product, called Circadin, is licensed for use in the UK. It can only be obtained with a prescription and comes in the form of a ‘prolonged-release’ tablet. Prolonged-release means that the drug treatment continues working over a number of hours as the active ingredient is released slowly in the body. This tablet is licensed for treating sleep disorders over a short period of time in adults who are aged 55 or over. It is not licensed for use in any other age group, and so using prolonged-release melatonin in children and young people under 18 is described as ‘off-label’.

Other melatonin products, some in the form of ‘immediate-release’ capsules, tablets or liquids, are available from specialist suppliers and on the internet. These are not licensed for use in any patient group in the UK and so are known as ‘unlicensed’.

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Just over an hours sleep. Woke up after a dream about my having breasts and difficulty with putting on make up !


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