Insight in Psychosis vs Dreams

very simple notice
you can diagnoses all genetic diseases and organic …etc
while the patient in waking or sleep stage( you need some blood or else …}

but look at the diagnoses of sz !
you can not diagnoses any symptoms of sz while the
individual in sleep stage !
(you can not observe any symptoms while the individual in sleep stage }
-making test to his blood or any thing in the lab,give negative diagnoses !

the merely objective reading or description to the case:
there is no observed symptoms of sz while the man in the sleep stage
there is no sz case/ or cause of sz does not work in sleep stage,or the
biochemicals of sleep can stop the functional activities of sz cause
(the chemical of sleep can block the activities of sz cause 100 % }

we can say:
the biochemistry of any schizophrenic individual during the time of SLEEP{who can going to sleep stage willingly without using any medical drugs} ,is similar the biochemistry of sleeping of any human being who have not schizophrenia

We meant,the chemistry of the schizophrenic during the sleep stage is similar
the chemistry of any human being during sleep stage {sz cause does not
existed in both of them,or the cause of sz can not practice his functional activities
in both of them ,and for that reason there is no any symptoms of features of
chemical imbalance in both of them during the sleep stage !!

HOW CAN prove this fact by scientific methods in the lab ?
1-take a sample of blood from 10 schizophrenic individuals
while they are in sleep stage{ they do not take medication and can
sleep willingly when they want }
2-take a sample of blood from 10 individuals have not sz while
they are in sleep stage
3- be sure the researcher do not know the source of any sample
(it is from schizophrenic or from non-schizophrenic }
4-he can not find any difference between the samples !
5- this is the address of confrontation !

if we ask the question
what is the basic functions of sleep biochemistry in normal conditions ?
-if we find that,the biochemistry of sleep removing A ,B, and c …etc
the functional activities of sz cause producing some of A,B or c
so that
what is the features of sz cause activities in the basic nature of the schizophrenic ?

anyone can find the high truth if he describe the observations as it as initselfs

I also lucid dream a whole lot, and I have very strong insight into my condition as well as effective meds which have me as recovered as possible, I do believe. Last night I had a rather lengthy lucid dream about being a pornstar, which probably has something to do with not masturbating for a few days and lifting weights more hours a week. I get nightmares when my psychosis is flaring up or about to flare up- my dreams are indicators of how mentally ill I am.

Some people would say dreaming about chain smoking the other night and being a pornstar last night isn’t healthy, LOL. I think they were pleasurable dreams and I had a hard time getting out of bed, who doesnt want to chain smoke or be a pornstar? Means im mentally well right now. My nightmares are disturbing as ■■■■ and come around right before and during episodes.

I myself feel certain that there is a connection, dream events and life events are strongly correlated in my personal experience.

And yes I think that lucid dreaming is a direct result of having strong insight into one’s own psyche, I am not highly educated about lucid dreaming, it’s not really covered in my studies so far, but that’s what I deduce from what I have experienced. I started lucid dreaming every night when I reached a profound level of insight into schizophrenia, it was after I had been on meds for a while.

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The researcher who research about any chemical substance that
act against the results of sz
or who search about natural chemicals have the ability to remove
the case of sz and all its symptoms at once,it is the chemicals of sleep stage !

the safety escaping from the sz and its symptoms,is the way toward the sleeping !
the manifestation of chemical imbalance will disappear completely during
the sleep stage ,and chemical balance will return back to its normal condition
during time of sleep to the moment of waking up !

after the moment of waking up.the sz case and its events have reanimate starting as it is staring in its first onset !!!

this means that,sz is a case,has starting after waking up moment and
disappear completely after sleeping moment !!
EXISTENCE OF SZ CASE IS SIMILAR THE sunrise and setting every day !!!

this is not personal opinion,you can ask any real schizophrenic individual
to have the real answer ,just be sure he is not a schizophrenic upon request
or occasion arises

You wrote;
"what is working during sleep is also working during time of waking
when it shouldn’t be "
this is basic law of sz nature !

now,look at someone claim that sz is genetic disease
=all of us know that,during the time of waking,there is
a radical changing in the thoughts,personal believes,
religious beliefs

-in the case,if sz is genetic disease,
it is supposed that,these changing must be occur
during the time of sleep as it is happen during waking time

it is supposed that,when the schizophrenic individual waking up,
he notices that some or part of his own personal knowledge
has been changed during the sleep time

in reality,this does not occurred,because the changing in the
personal believes has occurred in the waking time ONLY,
and it is occurred by rate of one single idea ,one after one
{changing the conception and connotation of one idea followed second)

if the bad gene changing the personal believes during the waking time,
if the gene go to sleep during the sleep time ?

do you know any schizophrenic individual in the world,can claims that
the cultural / cognitive /religious content of himself has been changed
during the sleep time ?

if you say,the bad gene can not make up any changing in the personal
knowledge during sleep time because the person have no consciousness
then,what i say is true !
there is no sz case,there is no cause activities during the sleep time (no matter
the cause of sz } !!!