Insight about spirituality/religion

People who follow a religion tend to see everything as something with spirituality. If you where to go through suffering (etc schizophrenia) spiritual people tend to believe it was something they did wrong against god. (When in reality it is just a genetic disorder or a disorder caused by drug use and nothing more). If a sports team where to win, they would think it would be for a certain reason. (When in reality the other team played better then the losing team.) when we get into fights with are parents/wife/husband we tend to believe it is something to do with religion, (so we pray to god etc) … But in reality have you every tried to be nicer to this person. We get into a social awkward situation and we tend to believe god did something wrong to us. But in reality you must have just had anxiety in a uncomfortable situation. Just some insight I got, just wanted to post, irrelevant or not.


its true - people with religious outlooks tend to blame God for everything, when in fact they are responsible for their own actions. In Islam it is taught that God does not change people until they change themselves first, so it puts responsibility on the person. God is linked to everything, but we are responsible for our own actions.

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id say a lot of people pass the blame on someone else, passing the book like

I don’t think that’s always true. I’m a Buddhist and while there are things I believe happen to make me a stronger person and there is a broader perspective needed to gain understanding, a macroscopic view of the world, there are obvious reasons things happen that have nothing to do with fate or the universe. I believe I am sz because of my genes but also so I could become a better person and deepen my relationship with my mom. :sunny:

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Some stuff is us or other people, but some is definitely God, angels, spirits, or synchronicity. I seen too much to know this to be true. One real solid thing is when i have been with others - 2 or more people who have all seen the same ghost, heard the same voice, or witnessed poltergeist activity such as things disappear into thin air, or objects to be moved or placed in a room out of thin air. Some of the witnesses are NOT SZ or have any form of mental diagnoses…

@e_lunaseer what does that have to do with spirituality? Those things can be proven untrue easily.

Um, they are caused by spirits? So i would think they have to be a part of spirituality. If you lived in my place or other places i lived you might change your mind. I can only type what I have witnessed and maybe show some pictures but it still doesn’t give you the actual experience.
When 4 people watch a physical solid object disappear right in front of them, and all 4 search for the object (which was almost 3’ long) and the object was never found in the area it disappeared or anywhere else in the house, ever, that shows something paranormal happened…specifically the object dematerialized and phased into another dimension, or was teleported somewhere else far away…