How do you define it? I would like to think I’m not insensitive and certainly struggle to see if and when I am.


Google it. There may be a picture of your avatar in the definition :wink:

Cryptic answer time?

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Oh don’t take me so seriously you old callous ■■■■■■■ you.

are you two fighting?

aw he was joking :slight_smile: all is well in the world


You are far from being insensitive @firemonkey.


same goes with insensitivity for me

I think I sometimes come out with things without giving full consideration to how someone else might feel in hearing or reading it. It’s like I think it’s ok so why should anyone think differently.


I think you’re quite sensitive @firemonkey, honestly the world is not any better when folks get too offended by everyone else that don’t think the same as them.
It makes for refreshing thinking if people say whats on their minds - as long as it’s not actually hateful and mean of course.
Folks shouldn’t have to dumb the world down in the hopes not to offend, you don’t have to agree with what someone says if you don’t like it, but by overdoing the attempt to not offend anyone makes for a bunch of oversensitive dull thinking babies.
Not agreeing with someone’s thinking is far different than actually being an mean insensitive arsehat on purpose.
Viva la difference!

firemonkey, do you mean when posting on the Internet? After all, we never see each other, cannot know the facial expression and non-verbal gesture. It is quite difficult to be sensitive around “strangers” on the Internet.

i am insensitive too …!!

I’m always watching other people, their faces, their tone of voice, and responding based on what I see. This is probably due to anxiety. I don’t want to be on anyone’s bad side.

Insensitivity sounds for me related with psychopaths, than don’t feel anything in their own skin even when someone die. I realize that I usually feel pain, rage, fear, sadness,… I get exited with some tv programs, so… I don’t think I’m insensitive even if I don’t experiment all the scale of feelings.
But I really can become insensitive for the things y want though.

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