Insensitive remarks from your Psychiatrist

Okay, so every doctor has his or her personal limitations when it comes to bedside manner, but some comments doctors say off the cuff to you during consultations or ward rounds make you begin to question if they are in the right profession.

Once when I was in hospital I remember some Psychiatrist saying, “I am the Psychiatrist here. You don’t know anything. I decide what to do with you.” Upsetting at the time. And another doctor told me that all I needed was to get a fast car, money and a woman on my arm. Ugh!

I don’t want to talk anyone into a depression or something about how unhelpful doctors are because without their expertise we would see an unwelcome return to primitive medicine and (un)holy men. But have you got any memories past or present you’d like to share of conversations with a Psychiatrist which have aggravated your symptoms of Schizophrenia? Or perhaps it’s the opposite: Have you left the doctor’s office feeling more optimistic about your prognosis, and more in control (even temporarily) of your symptoms overall because of a word of encouragement which has improved your chances of a sustain recovery.


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My doctor is nationally ranked. He’s never said anything insensitive. He has quite a sense of humor. He went to Woodstock and took LSD there. He takes my insurance too so it’s only $20 a visit despite being nationally ranked.

I went to one pdoc appointment while psychotic before being hospitalized, in order to not get hospitalized (crashed and failed, I refused to take meds). Well the guy didn’t even sit through the whole appointment, his intern took some notes but didn’t share with him. I was clearly psychotic, and he said “This is depression”, handed me a prescription of an anti depressant and sent me home.

My last pdoc appointment was great though, I really just love this pdoc I’ve got. The guy is about my age, really cool and intelligent. Is really happy about my recovery, and gave me a cool pep talk about it. I’m very happy now :slight_smile:


First crisis as an inpatient- pdoc’s response, "You’re an awkward and troublesome teenager"
A missed opportunity to spot problems that still go unrecognised and untreated to this day.

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this one pdoc I had insulted my partner and made her cry because my partner was just trying to look out for me.
this other one when I turned in my college load discharge papers to him he said, “why must I do all the work?” its like really jerk, you just admitted two appointments ago that i’m severally disabled and will probably never work again and you are giving me a hard time over three pieces of paper you have to fill out.

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My first psychiatrist told me in all seriousness that he thought he was the reincarnation of Carl Jung. There were no follow up appointments.


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I think I’ve been very lucky with the two psychiatrists I’ve had in the past year.

Both have been very patient and compassionate men who have been invested in my recovery.

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My psychiatrist tried to sell me bootleg recordings of old Beatles concerts and old ABBA concerts. When I refused to buy them he got angry with me and he put in his notes that I was difficult and I had no taste and I didn’t know a good deal when I saw one.


I think a lot of psychotherapists deliberately try to avoid entering into an ego alliance with their patients. Part of the goal of psychotherapy is for the patient to project his conflicts onto the doctor. At least that is the way I understood it when it was given to me in class. The doctor is supposed to be a passive recipient of the patients projections of his mental illness. That approach does have its limitations, though. Personally, I don’t want to pay good money to talk to a fence post.


My doctor keeps asking how my sex life is and if I’m having any trouble reaching climax on my medications. He brings it up everytime I see him. If I have those problems I’d rather bring it up myself. Meanwhile, he’s never once asked me if I have akithisia, which I do, or any other side effects for that matter. Course, he’s not a psychiatrist. Place I go to for counseling only has one psychiatrist and there’s a long waiting list.

my first psychiatrist said i had depression when i was in prodromal phase but i dont blame him. i had a personality change but not psychotic.

My first pdoc was a grade A, 5 star DOUCHE! Totally confrontational, completely lacking compassion. He practically picked fights with me. I have had 1 appointment with my new ARNP replacement but she can’t be worse than Dr. Douche. I love my tdoc though! He is very compassionate, polite, understanding, respectful

First couple of psychiatrists told me my prognosis was so poor that they actually made me suicidal. They laid out a scenario where my future was so bleak that suicide actually made sense. Never give the time of day to a psychiatrist that robs you of your hope for the future.


Finding a good doctor is the same for everything. Traveling out of way for good service is worth it. Find a good doctor and stick to them like glue.

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I told mine that I think I’m god. He pointed to his Diploma hanging on the wall and told me “Not until you have one of those of your own. Then, you’re untouchable”.

I had one that was always real late for appointments (like the rest of us don’t need to earn money) sit there all morning waiting for him, then he would tell me I was wrong, not matter what I said. Most of the time he would sit with his back to me working on the computer. I told the clinic I no longer wanted to deal with him, they said it was usually not allowed to change, but my concerns were valid and they switched me.

My main pdoc during my 20’s was the head of the county mental health system (he’s now in charge of the prison mental health system) He told me my prognosis was so poor I HAD (for the sake of my health) drop out of community college, stop working entirely, and rest (meaning get on permanent disability). He said I was stressing myself out with school. I told him it was my dream to be the first in my family to graduate from a University and he told me to get other dreams (he might have said, “there are other goals,” but the message was the same). He was insensitive to my dreams and goals and decided I had no shot without even so much as asking how my grades were… (mixed, to be honest, depending on if I was taking medicine).

I didn’t listen. Or, listened for a few years until I couldn’t stand being “restful” and I transferred to the university, where I earned both my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees and also worked part-time through parts of my schooling. He really shot me in the foot with his negative prognosis. I became the first in my extended family to get a four year college degree! Everyone was happy, and even better, two or three of my cousins went on to get their BA’s after that, too!

I still believe him from time to time, like, maybe it was just all a fluke, maybe I can’t make it on my own, but he was wrong once, so I am not giving up on my ability to carve out some independent living somehow.