Insecurities flaring up

My insecurities are flaring up all over the place.
It started this morning, when I overheard snippets of a conversation between my boss and someone else, and I heard them quoting a text message I’d sent them to explain why I’d been absent.

For the rest of the day, I’ve been paranoid and insecure about everything, like:
Will my co-workers get mad at me if I do / don’t do this and that?
Will they think I’m doing a good enough job?
Will the boss yell at me next time she sees me?
Why hasn’t my friend responded to my texts, is he mad at me?
And so on, and so on, and so on.

How do I make it stop?

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I you have enough deposit to buy breads for the next month do not be worry about them,

Send your text message to someone here who is trusted by you and ask his or her opinion about your SMS,

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Sup berru…what are u doing…i missed u for so long…hi to danish model…take care…

@Berru Post your txt msg her and get some honest feedback , then you can put your mind at ease

Which text? The one I heard them quoting?
Thing is, I am very aware it was an unprofessional text, but I was tired and panicking when I sent it =/

And I don’t think my friend is mad at me, but my insecurities are making me wonder if he might be, even though I rationally can’t find a reason…

I’m just insecure about everything today