Insects or bugs

i feel I have insects or bugs moving behind my forehead, in my skull, in my brain. maybe they are listening devices from a secret agency which controls me. i am paranoid…

they will eat up my mind.

I dont know if it’s more a delusion or a somatic hallucination…

When I lay down or sit too long I feel like small tickles or stings on my face/neck. Very annoying when trying to relax

Have you spoken to your Dr about this, so they can rule some things out?

is it normal or hallucination?

I will do it soon

it seems like a paranoid delusion the part with the listening devices and the feeling seems like somatic hallucination

This will probably get deleted but I think it’s just energy moving through your body. Different energies effect our body and mind. We get sick when our energy is too low or we are stopping our normal flow. Their are other things that can interfere with this. But don’t freak yourself out . There are extremes in belief of this such as energy actually being spirts ect… it’s a natural tho g thst with the development of tech has been interfered with

many spiritualists believe in energies. I don’t and I never did. i am in love with spirituality & religions & theologies but energies…nah

Can be a combo tactile hallucination and delusion. On my worse days I believe that my pacemaker is implanted alien tech and I can feel it sending out and pulling in tendrils and probes throughout my body. I have some older APs I can take for days like that (which are thankfully rare) so I just fall over and go to sleep rather than trying to claw the damn thing out of my chest.

Definitely talk to your doctor about it. CBT also helps.

I will when we’ll meet

it’s a general “they” behind paranoia. it may be government, organisations etc. some bad guys following us, monitoring us, spying on us etc.
like a feeling of a hostile environment. we feel this hostile environment.

it’s a bit psychological. we don’t feel safe or comfortable in our environment & we make up imaginary enemies.

maybe my neighbours are secret agents spying on me…

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That would be too expensive…

maybe… but if all are after me. they have money. they have devices. they have people.

But why go to all that effort?

I have no idea. just because my mind is convinced…

We are all discredited, so unless we do something really stupid they’ll leave us alone :wink:

Realistically they wouldn’t bother with any sort of targeted surveillance…

Just the five eyes to worry about.