Inositol 15151

Another ingredient that’s beneficial from energy drinks besides Grape Seed Extract. I just took 500mg and my psychosis kind of just faded out, did a better job than Kava. I’ll start supplementing and tell you how it goes


I found something for the dose of Inositol for anxiety is 12-18grams. That’s so much.

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Hmm that’s interesting. It’s fairly cheap. I got a 100 count of 500mg for $12 CAD. I’ll start out with a small dose and work up. Have no idea how long the effects last for.

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There was a small study in bipolar children, with inositol and fish oil.

It appears to work better than fish oil alone.

The dosages used in the study were based on weight, but they were not that high.

I take 250-500mg with choline (and fish oil)

It’s funny, there’s no studies for inositol for SZA/SZ. At least from what I’ve researched. I definitely think it can play a big factor for negative symptoms. Positives is another story.

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I had good response to inositol. Does it help with OCD?

I have no idea about that. I took 10g an hour ago and my thoughts stopped racing and I could concentrate a little bit better.

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