Inner peace?

has anyone inner peace here…?

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Feeling good, listening to Amy Grant Christmas songs. Rocking in my rocking chair.



I might play my first xmas song now.!

thanks for reminding me !

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I’m anxious 24/7 but focus on things that make me happy. Haven’t found a way to get rid of anxiety yet. Think I’m stuck with it. Working on getting to the root of fear so I at least understand it. A lot of fear has to do with not feeling good enough as a person (being left out of the tribe for having no worth to them). I think if I work on my social anxiety every day I can reduce it. That’s good enough for me.

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I think I finally reached some kind of inner peace. It took me a long time but I feel ok most of the day. I still have my struggles but i think i’m at peace with most of my problems.


I feel peaceful when I meditate

Even though my mind is chaotic, i do find inner peace through my faith as a Christian.


I went on a mental health course the other day and it was nice that I was able to enjoy myself around people, I gotta admit that I kind of felt at peace. I think the fact that it was a small grp due to covid precautions helped, immensely

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Meds give me inner peace.

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I like that quote! I spend 3 hrs daily doing meditation walking completely content.Sometimes on my walks i puff a little cannabis to enhance that feeling. Also great exercise all that walking and introspection

I learned that just trying to calm down and feel less anxiety helped me some. I don’t know if this is others with anxiety. Perhaps it’s the same idea as meditation.

I don’t have an inner piece, I have inner pieces. Every time I get stressed recently a group of 2 to 3 people sit around a table in my mind and debate every implication of what I had done and what I was doing.

To learn everything all I had to do was listen and try to remember

I have inner peace when I have enough caffeine in my system. I’ve been a little depressed lately, but I think it is due to some non psychoactive medication I’m taking.

I experience inner peace when I’m talking with my boyfriend. Immersion in nature or a good game or show can sometimes have a similar effect.

I feel inner peace when I am in right standing with God.

when the sabbath i usher in with lighting candles i feel at peace. judy

some days I have inner peace…some days I’m haunted by my intrusive thoughts…I think that’s why I stay up late so I can think in peace without having to do anything except what I want to do.

I feel more inner peace since I started Wellbutrin 2 weeks ago. Makes me feel more calm and collected.

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when you wish geniue peace on others, you can abtain it 4 yourself…as in kind for kind

1111 :face_with_hand_over_mouth: