Injection of monthly antipsychotic into veins?

Anyone know what would happen if by accident I would get inject my monthly antipsychotic injection into a vein? Could I die?

Please don’t do this!

All I know is that injecting things that aren’t meant for intraveinous injection can cause you to possibly lose a an arm or even, yes! Die…

A vein is one that is carrying de-oxygenated blood back to the heart. If you were to not clear the syringe of air and injected an air bubble into the vein that could cause problems. Otherwise you are just looking at the full dose effecting you all at once. Intramuscular injections disperse the medicine over time through small capillaries in the muscles. A vein injection would be instant effects of a full dose. I would look into what an overdose would do of your particular medicine and expect those effects. Some chemicals in anti-psychotics could cause damage to the vein, that is also something to consider.

However if your concern is what will happen if you accidentally clip a vein putting your injection you are just going to experience bleeding and possible bruising at the injection site. It is always good to check by pulling on the syringe to make sure you have not hit any blood vessels when injecting. A small amount of your medicine might make it up the vein and you may feel a more powerful effect of your medicine for a short time but this injury is not life threatening.


well yeah it depends on what you’re injecting, if it comes in a liquid then yeah you’re just looking at a whopping dose of anti-psychotic. If you’re crushing up pills and you don’t know to use a filter then what I said could very well happen.

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First off, I have a strong hunch that only a certified nurse can give those injections. I couldn’t imagine a hospital saying… here, that this syringe of highly powerful meds and DIY at home. Nurses are highly trained not to make those mistakes.

My youngest brother is getting injections of risperdal and thus far he has to go to the hospital and it’s delivered by a nurse. He doesn’t get to do this at home.


yeah but you just never know. I know people who’ve swiped all kinds of stuff from doctor’s offices and hospitals. The reason I was so concerned was that, while it’s probably just curiosity, I nearly lost my arm once shooting prescription amphetamine not knowing you have to filter it through cotton first if this is what you’re bent on doing to yourself.

So I’d just rather people be safe than sorry. Curiosity apparently killed a cat or something…

As a nurse, I’m proud of how well Sasha, mussel, and J have adequately and accurately explained this to you.

You should not be self-injecting your intramuscular APs. And definitely shouldn’t be crushing your oral tablets to inject IV. This can cause a cardiac or pulmonary embolism that could kill you. Or cause phlebitis that will nesessitate amputation.

Just DON’T.




thank you all for your responses… I don’t want to inject my antipsychotic I was just wondering what would happen if it ever hit a vein by chance ( I know very unlikely )