Initiative or lack of it


Not one of my strong points. I remember when doing the gardening group a few years back and being assigned a task, I would find it hard to use my initiative when the task was over and would get flustered If I wasn’t directed to doing something else.


I’m kind of the same way. Over the summer when I wasn’t in school I got behind on some things. I was still only working Monday, Wednesday, and Friday so I’d sleep in the other days. It was a rut for me. This upcoming semester I am going to start going into work earlier and everyday so I don’t get lethargic.

Maybe give yourself direction. It’s what I have to do. I have to make a study plan and do it in order to get things done. I’ll say, “I’m going to the coffee shop and I’ll read x chapters, or I’m going to start my paper and study until 6pm.”


Bulb planting at the group home was an amusing experience.

"Could you put more dirt over that? I told you to put more dirt over that. All that over :sunflower: :rose: :tulip:


Flowers are often incredibly adaptable.


I was mostly a digger of soil and a waterer. That was the extent of my horticultural skills.