Initial Clinical Experience of RP5063 Following Single Doses in Normal Healthy Volunteers and Multiple Doses in Patients with Stable Schizophrenia



This is for cognitive symptoms…!!! Holy cow…!!


I don’t understand. I need a med that increases IQ by 10 points.


We need medication for cognitive and negative symptoms… holy cow… med doesnt increase ur iq…man…


I don’t know why they are publishing this so late - this is the phase 1 study for RP5063.

It completed phase 2 in 2013 - and has languished since then.

The company has said they will advance it to phase 3, but they haven’t yet.

Below is the article from when it passed phase 2 in 2013.


Reviva plans to initiate Phase 3 trials in early 2014 and anticipates filing a NDA in 2016.

It does make you wonder what’s going on. Why the delay ?


Cuz stuff is not so effective…!!! It could fail…!!


Might be the concern that a late stage failure could bankrupt a privately held company like that. Recently, they raised a bunch of money for phase 3 trials, but so far have only advanced it for pulmonary arterial hypertension.


In the phase 2 it was very effective. Almost half of one of the dosage groups went into remission in just a month.

Still, there have been apparently effective drugs that have failed before. Whether it is study design, or that there’s a genetic subset of people who benefit, or something else, they don’t seem to be in any hurry with it.


Drugs take lot of times to get marketed… i think 70% to 80% drug fails in phase 2 and three…!!!


I think it’s closer to 50%… but yeah, it takes a long time, especially when the company (Reviva in this case) doesn’t do any further trials…

I think they have said their patent will expire in 2030.