Information recorded

Everything online is being recorded.

Wonder what it will be used for?

What do you think?

What is all of this information on the entire internet going to be used for?


Like some gargantuan library that records the entire human race.

I watched some film in high school that said there are companies that gather information on people to find out what demographics to advertise to so that people will buy their product.


Had to be more involved though i would say than just that.

You’re right about that

and of course the government is reinstating mass surveillance again, at least in the usa, supposedly to find terrorists, but I’m paranoid about that, and think that their ideas about who is a terrorist can change to anything or anyone.


I am going to win the Guinness World Record for most funny cat videos watched, that’s what.

Just you wait and see.




You see, as long you aren’t doing anything wrong there’s no reason to be paranoid. I’m fine with increased surveillance.

My uncle works in business…he’s been on the board of a company and was an investment banker and also managed some zillionaire’s money…he and I sat outside this summer and he told me about some program he is involved with that tracks people’s facebook, twitter, and email information and picks up on their lifestyles and then accordingly advertises expensive things to them…I think he used some fancy name for the info they gather…public something…I forgot…but he did say that they target people with money. I repeat, they target wealthy individuals. He said “well, if you become a licensed psychologist in say five years and still workout, you will be tracked and if you move to a new big city, the most expensive gym in the city will have some young woman call your cell (they can get your number) and offer a free personal training session at some fancy gym.”

I said that he said (and he works in this field, he actually manages this crap I believe) they target people with money.

Honestly, if there is no money involved, people dont give a â– â– â– â– .

Sort of like how this fighting academy I was at charged 120 a month. I quit because they sicked two instructors on me, full contact Krav Maga when I hadnt fought in years and had been smoking a pack a day, and they called me begging me to stay, actually they really seemed to want me to stay…because there goes a client, along with the 120 USD.

Other than that, no one gives a â– â– â– â– .


Sometimes money is not involved at all.

Other things happen sometimes and they will collect info for this as well.

Like human experimentations and such and such.

I thinks a rich man was actually found to own a rape island as well, may be targeting peeps to take them out to the rape islands or worse for a good hunt. Yeah them hunters love hunting.

It does not matter if they collect all the information, I am not a human, but a monkey living in the rain forest and listening some memory losing music. The whole internet memory is lost :smiley:

If it helps reduce all the stupid ads I don’t care to be annoyed with then they can track me all that’s necessary.

Companies can advertise all they want, but I don’t part with my money unless I really want/need it, and if they get too pushy and obnoxious, I won’t buy it even if I really wanted it.