Information from forum

What do you gain the most from this forum…

Normally when I’m doing a med switch or something is going wrong med wise I find some info regarding it and makes me feel better.

The rest is mostly boring stuff.

What is your greatest source of info you search for and recieve


Its an outlet for the crazy in my brain… i dont actually care if anyone else reads it… but putting thoughts to txt allows me to let them go… plus i like talking about animals…


My favorite thing is everyone has experienced the same weird symptoms I have and it calms me down so I don’t feel so much anxiety about every little thing and also I don’t feel so alone (misery loves company)

Also there’s a few people that I just adore, and I find myself wanting to check in with them to make sure they are doing okay. I guess they are sort of like friends in a way, cyber-friends.


I come here for comradery.

Really you can google any medication or symptom and probably get more reliable information,

But I like being able to ask people that are in similar situations about their personal experiences.

Of course you build relationships and trust to a certain extent.

This is a great forum for information,

But more so for the community factor.

Yea u can Google for any med advice. But here u get your question answered right…

Big difference

Very true.

Google is not a human person with schizophrenia.

The advice here is priceless.