Information category

would it be a good idea to have an information category?

Isn’t that like the news category?

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no, its more like informational videos to teach people more about their illness so that they can have more insight into it.

we could even share each others stories of recovery if it was ok

I’m not sure a whole category would be necessary. However I do like the idea of some informational videos. So maybe like a sticky thread or something like that.

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You mean like the stuff on the homepage of the site?

i think a lot of new members dont know much about teir illness, maybe they just been diagnosed or something and we could suggest a good educational video about their illness so that they can gain more insight

@velociraptor i know the homepage has information about it all but i think the videos are easier to relate to, i found it difficult reading loads of text about my illness, it took a long time for me to read whereas a video is so much easier are so much more personal and understandable imo

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