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I don’t follow. You are saying that schizophrenia is the cause of itself?

Genetic testing has not existed for a hundred years. The first human genome was sequenced in 2003. It was ridiculously expensive. Genome sequencing and single gene tests are only just becoming affordable. Before that, the first gene associated with a disease was for Huntington’s disease in 1983, but they didn’t diagnose people that way, they diagnosed on symptoms and family history, because it was so expensive. Huntington’s is a relatively simple genetic disease, because it involves just the one gene. But you can absolutely have genetic diseases that involve many genes.


YES,schizophrenia is the cause of itself
like to say,the genetic disease is the cause of itself
like to say the viral disease is the cause of it self
like to say the bacterial disease is the cause of itself

but notice that ,the word "schizophrenia " is just an optional word not stander
So, you can say,no matter the nature of SZ,it is the cause of itself

the cause (of the disease) is the thing that coding and decoding the frame /subject of the medical condition which be called the disease. it is a mal- gene in the genetic diseases,and parasite virus in the viral diseases
I.e the cause body/substance is the body of disease within the human nature
The Cause is the Disease itself And vice versa is correct
I do not talk about the symptoms at all

When you ask a question about sz, and say;what is the symptoms of disease ?
most of you think that,the diagnostic symptoms that be observed are the symptoms of disease !
NO ,they are a personal responses/personal symptoms of reactions or the end results of sz effect over the Wholly human nature (the manifestations of the variables or Symptoms of Variables ),and they are not the symptoms of the disease itself

the symptoms of disease itself is MEANS the existential features (structure) of the cause itself in the potential state (rest position of the cause before the interaction processes)


I don’t know what that means, “sz is the cause of itself”. Maybe a language difference.


The potential state of schizophrenia is not a production of the inherited genetic material or the optional mental functions,it means schizophrenia potential state is not biological or mental in root ,add for that all external environmental factors do not producing the sz potential state

In our organic and material nature,nothing is the root of Sz potential state
Then,what is the raison d’etre of schizophrenia potential state ?
or what is the founder cause of the schizophrenia potential state ?
or How is the originative of sz potential state ?

Sz potential state is the cause of itself (it makes itself by itself ) without any interference of our biological system or/ our mental functions or our self will (forcibly)
it is using its own information to embodiment its existential features in the time-place of the human nature ,it do that against the genetic system control ,self immune defense and psychiatric self will (Against our human nature)

In other words ; the wholly schizophrenia potential state is not Human healthy condition in root,it is parasite healthy condition in itself,it is independent in all its characteristics about our human nature,it is not biological/psychological related human creature , not from our grade,kind,type,class ,order because its a specific external factor (non environmental ,and it is not a classical Germ)

Our genetic nature have not the information or the functional characteristics to coding and decoding the existential features of the schizophrenia potential state weather in the biological structure or the psychological component ,because the body(The substance of existence) of sz potential state is not from our human nature ,but it is from another world (deep world -non material world ),something that are unable to see,hear,touch like the black material or black hole -but it is real and have higher effect over our human nature


I’m just not going to be able to get on board with that idea, sorry.


Thanks for the link about Naben. I suspect it will be expensive if it ever gets approved. The company is spending a lot in expectation of a big reward.
(I will ignore the debate for my health.)


It is right to defense about your biological believes
in reality, I do not write what I do write to let you belief in the basic data of sz which you consider it just a theoretical idea
I tray to translate the actual event into analogical theoretical idea that is to let you show and understand the hidden content of the sz event
the human science must be set one’s face against (encounter) the basic facts of the Sz

You are understanding my post content on the background of believing in biological beliefes.
But forget we are speaking about sz,and we are now talking about viral disease like Flu

We can say; flu potential state"disease" is the cause of itself (the disease makes itself by itself) without any interference of our biological system,which is means that;
1- the flu is not inherited healthy condition,
2- flu is not genetic disease ,
3-the genetic system is not the root of the disease
4- the cause of flu “disease” is not a part form human nature
5- the flu potential state is a healthy condition outputs of the virus “cause”
6- the virus “cause” has independent structure and functions ,not a part from the cell structure or the genetic material

= Just look at Sz from the Viral perspective ,you will look at it correctly as it as in the mother nature,and you will explain and understanding everything related sz without single mistake !
In practice,the things be called hallucinations which including visual imaginary people,spoken voices,emotional variable are the healthy condition OUTPUTS of the Cause ,or the expressions of the Cause ,or the cause has express about himself by these signs !
The cause tells the host through these sings ;I am here

The fact that,
the hallucination potential state (the founder cause) is not human,biological or psychological in root -,it is just an external factor (parasite),adapted in the structure/function to practices his/her life circle in the mental life of human host , look like the virus life circle in the biological life of the organic cell “host”
It is early to imagine or believe this fact !
this is not personal idea,but it is the correct description for the mother nature without falsification,and all actions (treatment/cure…etc) against sz will be effected by this fact
Sz will not response to the treatment methods as a genetic disease or even as a psychiatric illness acquired by psychological experiences ,because it is external stranger substance not a natural part from the genetic material of human being or even a natural part from the self (owned conscious state),it is inhumane in nature
Everything related sz be problematic to understand ,because you look at sz mother nature from unessential perspective,unoriginal,rootless,abstract,uncertian


Respecfully, I don’t think this is going anywhere. If schizophrenia were caused by one single thing, the way flu virus causes flu, it would be simple. Instead, it falls into a category more like MS, Parkinson’s, fibromyalgia, Alzheimer’s etc. It’s perplexing, but it doesn’t follow that it is the cause of itself.


Like what I say;
1-Schizophrenia potential state in his/herself is a higher living psychological entity inhumane in nature
-Sooner or later,the human science will facing this higher truth willy-nilly,
-the current science are unable to diagnosing the existentialism features of a psychological entity (the thing you call -myself-),weather it is a separated entity or /a biological production outputs

-When the current medicine treat the sz case/cause as an organic disease;
Without knowing,the medicine treatment inhumane higher living entity as if it is a Human genetic disease,as an inherited healthy condition,as a biochemical disorder…etc

  • while in the mother nature,the sz case/cause is Just a visitor inhumane higher psychological entity,linking with the material of the human psychological entity along the time of waking
    -simply,the material of sz case/cause embodiment itself beside the human psychological entity (self), weather the human self is separated entity or a brain functions outputs
    -The medication will effect only on the biochemistry of brain ,and that make developmental changes in the current chemistry and the emotional state (not on the mental state), and that makes a cool background to the human psychiatric state
  • this medication drugs aiming modifying the current emotional state background of human
    -this modification has no Direct Effect on the inhuman higher living psychological entity (visitor) which considering the sz case/cause,because the sz case/cause is not a natural part form the wholly human self ,and it is not a brain production outputs at all !
    -the medication making a cool emotional background be continuation for many hours
    -the sz case/cause stays working through the new cool emotional background in the mental state of the human without defense (do you know what that means in practice?)
    A radical changes in the cognitive side while you are coexistences with a cool feelings which be synthesis by medication !

the important question;
why the effectiveness of medication do not effect on the sz case/cause ?
simply,the sz case/cause is a specific maker for all types of feelings and thoughts (DONOR),it is coding and decoding the feelings and thoughts itself in the frontal direction can not be reversed

-in other words,the Sz case/cause in ITSELF is not merely an owned single/many feelings are running in the sentiment or owned idea/ideas running in the conscious mind/brain,BUT it is the donor (higher entity)who is produces endless ideas in the conscious mind/brain and feelings in the sentiment with synchronization
=it is hard to find a medication has the ability to effect on higher donor producing the thoughts and feeling as he/she want all time of waking ,add for that the donor is inhumane in nature,not a part from our biological material or psychological
We will see how the science facing this schizophrenia as a inherited healthy condition or/genetic disease or chemical disorder !!
The current medication do not know these facts


Can someone clarify the difference between this and sodium benzoate? I can’t find anything specific online about this drug.


It’s the same chemical.

I don’t know if the company has done anything special to it like making it time release. But Naben is sodium benzoate.


Simple words tell the truth
the question; what is the potential state of sz case/cause as the person with sz feels it ?
Just look at your mental life
It is a periodic repetition of the phenomenon that we call it the thought or/idea,mental message,the message of meaning,mental concept,one by one in continual sequence all time of waking
Any person with sz,has feels the existentialism features of sz case/cause as a periodic repetition of an integrated package of phenomena as a kinetic visual hallucination,vocal,audio and moody sentiment ( sequence of tenses)

Whereas,each phenomenon in itself is a periodic repetition,one by one in continual sequence all possible time of waking,each phenomenon has works with coordination with others

like the speed and repetition rate in time units that you feeling your own thoughts and its flowing,like the person with sz feels the existential manifest of the sz case/cause inside himself !
Continual inflowing during waking time without cutout

Integrated package of visual scenery,pronounced voice,hearing voice and ended by emotional impression,all are united phenomenon has seeks to achieves single aim,whereas there is no single phenomenon of them has working independently ,individually or isolated about the others all time of sz age

This feelings are vitalize in nature and irrelevant the classical feeling with organic disease or/symptoms of any disease ,they are vital existential features not routine symptoms features,they are higher characteristics of existentialism features of living entities or/ what is a person (S)-regardless how/who they are or/ where they are

Simply,look at the descriptive statements of the schizophrenic individuals,they are talking about persons characteristics (male/female/he/she/they/ imaginary people/voices/events scenario.,conspiracy,persecution…etc),they do not describe diseases or symptoms of diseases or else ,because the integrated package has seems to their perception as a vital existential features of higher living person (s) - and effect on their mental life as a smartness entities through out bilateral communication channel in 2 reverse directions to exchange the information (back and forth-goings and comings ),

No disease has the ability to makes bilateral conversation with your conscious mind to exchange the information in 2-ways back and forth ,any schizophrenic person knows that without teacher


Info about x-factor (the functional cause of sz)
Personality character
The main goal, synthesis a radical modification in the cognitive believes concept without development a Corporeal disease , mutational changes in the basic anatomical structure or in the chemical substances of the brain
Using the current chemical processes as they are in fit conditions to execute the modification changes
The cognitive changes is deliberate not random,has aiming the falsification /deception the religious belief,cultural information about all things and attacks the individual/social relationship linkages
X-factor has exists and working independently in the place-time of the conscious state
X-factor is a whole external conscious structure interfered with the human conscious state
X-factor has working functionally on each higher knowledge process which be treated mentally by the conscious mind in the present time (now)
X-factor has no direct linking with the biological structure,has no direct linking/continuous with the personal information which be stored/protected in the cell memory
X-factor do not modified the personal information content while they were stored in the memory
after the launching of the mental sign( definition sign) from the center of sensory perception or/ center of thoughts production or/ center of retrospected memory events or center of imaginary pictures,and translating the coding meaning of the sign into understood message in the place-time of the human conscious state,the x-factor has starts working immediately on the understood message content ,Weather the Personal understood message is right or /wrong,logical or /illogical, real or fantastic ,rational or irrational,any given concept will be modified towards the worst

THE actual first onset of the schizophrenic process has starting after the launching of the mental sign and translation its content into understood message (after mind reading for the coded sign),practically after you perceive the implied meaning of the sign -not before at all

I.E if there is a disorder or change in the brain or mind of the schizophrenic person,it will be starting in the conscious area (attention/waking condition/present time ),related only with the mentally understood message ,and do not related with the functional processes(chemical) which has been running inside the brain cells to producing or/ transmission the mental sign from the issuance centers to the different brain areas

Any change or disorder will be happening AFTER receiving the understood message in the conscious area ,after perception the coded message,after rationalize the implied meaning ,after knowing the idea content ,and there is NO any kind of change/disorder before that weather in the mental side or the chemical background

After the ending both of mental/chemical natural processes which they be using to generating the cognitive concept of the idea and launching the neurotransmitter sign to the brain cells and translation the coded meaning into understood message in the present mind ,the schizophrenic process will be starting at once to modification the concept of the understood message !

THEREFOR,you can not see any corporeal changes in the chemical substances of the brain ,because the mental chemistry working normally to producing the the thoughts and transporting them to the brain cells ,but schizophrenic process will effect and making bilateral interaction (interference )with the understood message during the storing stage of the whole information of the understood message process within the memory area of the host !


What a stupid thread!


What is stupid @Green ?
Some people hope, that sodium benzoate might neutralize/reverse at least a small part of the damage,
done to them by schizophrenia.
That it may slightly improve their functioning.
I myself would be more willing to try sodium benzoate than antipsychotics.


@panoramic20 goes on and on about god knows what. This thread isn’t even about Naben.



Sorry to say. I’ve tried sodium benzoate and it does nothing at all. It actually made me worse. If it was the cure all it would be all over the news. There’s no later studies on it because it’s just a waste of time. Don’t live on false hope. Sorry but that’s my experience.


@Green , it may not have worked for you, but it might work for others.
You should not discard this as a treatment avenue based on just personal experience,
because the ill people differ from each other.


It’s currently in a concurrent phase 2b/3 study.

However it would be nice if the off topic stuff could go in Unusual beliefs.


I tried Sodium Benzoate and it worked well. At first, it was pretty powerful so I halved the recommended dose. It felt like a stimulant. In fact, at first, I felt overstimulated. But it did help with the negative symptoms. But it didn’t cure anything. I was worried about the vitamin C interaction and really don’t care what people on the forum say about my views regarding vitamin C and Sodium Benzoate. I was drinking orange kickstarts at the time and was worried about the interaction within my body. The type of cancer they talked about is one of the worst kinds. I’m not willing to take that chance. I didn’t mix them or anything.