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Came across this for Naben


I wonder if this works. Or helps in any way?


Nice find, impressive.

24% improvement in positive symptoms, 20% in negative, but what really blew me away was the 74% increase in quality of life score.

And good to know there are people who have safely been taking much higher doses for 30 plus years for an error of metabolism.

I also didn’t know they were working on glycine and serine targeting drugs for Alzheimer’s and depression.


Cut and paste from the pdf
74% improvement in QoL (quality of life) score
with NaBen® add-on therapy
over 6 weeks
Compares favorably to
modest 27% improvement
in placebo arm

20% improvement in negative
symptom score with add-on
NaBen® therapy over 6 weeks
Compares favorably to
modest 7% reduction in

Sodium Benzoate is also approved by US for adults and children urea cycle
enzymopathies (inborn urea synthesis leading to hyperammonemia)
Therapeutic dose 250-500mg/kg of body weight used for three decades
• Pivotal Phase 2/3 trials ongoing in Adult Schizophrenia and Adolescent
Exploring NaBen® as an add-on therapy to current standard of care
Data expected in 2020 for adult schizophrenia and in 2021 for adolescent schizophrenia
• NaBen® has demonstrated the potential to improve symptoms of schizophrenia
by improving the hypofunction of NMDA neurotransmission
Inhibits D-amino acid oxidase (DAAO), a flavoenzyme that degrades D-serine, a co-agonist of the NMDA receptor in the brain


There doesn’t seem to be.much info on side effects, but it appears they are similar to placebo.

This study was a small one, but 2 people in the placebo group had weight gain vs 1 person in the benzoate group. 1 person in the placebo group had insomnia and 2 people in the benzoate group had insomnia. The authors believe these are likely coincidental and not as a result of the medication.

“Treatment-emergent adverse events other than EPSs in the placebo group included weight gain (n = 2), insomnia (n = 1), tremor (n = 1), constipation (n = 1), fatigue (n = 1), and salivation (n = 1); in the benzoate group, treatment-emergent adverse events included weight gain (n = 1), insomnia (n = 2), and tachycardia (n = 1). These systemic adverse effects were all mild and brief and did not warrant medical treatment. They were likely coincidental observations.”

“The routine blood cell count, chemical analysis results, and electrocardiogram after treatment remained unchanged and were all within the normal ranges (data not shown). No dropout was due to adverse effects.”



Your making it sound like it’s the best thing since sliced bread!

Don’t get your hopes up. It’s most likely crap.


I don’t think being a pessimist is the way to go, being an optimist isn’t always easy but I prefer being realistic.

Still no need to say it’s crap without someone trying it. Then if it is crap it can be called crap. Let’s not skip steps here ha.


I’m just copy pasting from the pdf and the study.

This does have some things in its favor though. Longstanding use and safety data. Apparently minor side effects. Mid-stage testing. A unique method of action. Shouldn’t be too expensive. Overall, hopeful.


Does this dose only count for hyperammonemia?

I wonder why Sodium Benzoate never worked for people that trialed this (incl. me) on this board…


As far as I know the theraputic dose for schizophrenia is 1,000-2,000 mgs a day.

Certainly some APs don’t work for everyone, and I don’t know why, but since this targets the NMDA system, perhaps this dysfunction is not universal to schizophrenia. For that matter dopamine blockade drugs don’t universally work in sz either, so IDK, it’s complicated.


NaBen could be some sort of a case like Sarcosine (and the failed drug Bitopertin which also was a Glyt1 inhibitor with a Sarcosine moiety).
Sarcosine was such a lifesaver for some of my very debilitating symptoms, it turned my life around. Used it for 5 years daily, now however I don’t need it anymore the past 3/4 years and my debilitating symptoms never returned.

I guess NaBen, like Sarcosine, might (really) work for some.


It would be nice if they could figure out some sort of blood or genetic test to determine who will be a responder and who won’t.


Please notice that,
1-there is a different between to say “treatment The symptoms of schizophrenia” and saying
(improve symptoms of schizophrenia)
-The meaning of word “improvement” is not equal the meaning of word “treatment”
-Treatment the symptoms is means disposal the symptoms totally
-Improvement symptoms is means; dismiss treatment the wholly symptoms ,just aiming the decreasing of the bad effect of some symptoms
2- In common, when you treat the known genetic disease (like debates),you do aim to treat the symptoms of debates,but treat the disease (correct the defective biochemistry of a defective gene),therefor all symptoms of debates will disappear completely after medication
3- You can not say ;we treatment the symptoms of debates or/ saying we improve symptoms of debates- for what reason you say that when the issue was related the schizophrenia ?

We extract that ;the medication that you talk about ,do not treatment the wholly symptoms of schizophrenia ,but it is a way to improvement (some) symptoms of sz


It doesn’t mean that.

In the context of medical care:
Treatment - medical care given to a patient for an illness or injury.
plural noun: treatments
“I’m receiving treatment for an injured shoulder”


Treatment;Medical Drug given to a patient for an illness.
Here you write a names of chemical drugs ,they are the execution methods of “care”
In practice,medical care is chemical care.
" sodium benzoate is also approved by US for adults…etc"
“improving the hypofunction of NMDA…etc”
All are chemical care !


Fr example;
if a person suffer from headache
Is the Aspirin a medical care given to person for a headache ?
Is the Aspirin a medical care to improve the headache symptom ?
Aspirin is a medical drug to elimination the headache symptoms totally ?


Aspirin is a treatment for headache.


What is different between the disease condition and the illness ?
why you are using the word" illness" instead of the word “disease” ?
-In the disease condition,you can diagnosis the substance of the disease inside the anatomical structure (blood,tissues…etc), whereas you can find the cause by the lab search means,therefore the chemical drugs is the OFFICIAL method to treatment the disease

-In the case of schizophrenia,you can not diagnosis the substance of the disease within the organic structure at all,you can not find the cause of the disease ,BUT you can diagnosis a symptoms of changes through your personal observations.
In general,you diagnosis a symptoms Not a materialism,objective or organic disease

-Therefor,the “illness” is a group of symptoms (without objectivity/materialism causes)

Treatment symptoms of objective disease (its causes be known) is different about treatment symptoms of illness (ghastly disease-its objective causes unknown)

In other words, you were said ;treatment is a medical care given to patient for an illness (just symptoms in nature),because you can not say medical drugs to treat free symptoms has not linking with actual disease

Consequently; in the illness condition you will treatment the symptoms (only),but
in the disease condition you will treatment the symptoms ,chemistry of the cause and the causes of the disease (if it possible) ,and the complete recovery is possible too !


I don’t know what you’re getting at. Aspirin is a treatment for headache that will work pretty well if you have, say, a tension headache, but it will not work very well if you have a brain tumor.

While currently there is no approved blood or brain image based test for schizophrenia, that’s going to happen soon enough. There’s many independent researchers getting around 80% accuracy right now, and machine learning, big data, and proteomics are going to improve that.


I don’t know what you’re getting at. Aspirin is a treatment for headache that will work pretty well if you have, say, a tension headache, but it will not work very well if you have a brain tumor

At first,
1- I said " If a PERSON suffer from headache",it means any normal person
I did not said “if a Patient suffer from headache”,therefor your statement (but it will not work very will if you have a brain tumor" is irrelevant the question.
The full Elimination of the headache symptom By chemical drug(Aspirin) is the core of the issue ,there is no improvement /medical care to the headache symptom

All types of current medication,whatever the dose ,the period time of treatment are unable to make full elimination for Sz symptoms look like headache symptom,and the action is no more than improve some symptoms-no else
= Full Elimination from the symptom causation Full Recovery phenomenon=
In the main report,they put the word “improve” instead in the place of word “eliminate” to covering the fail
2- You said" while currently there is no approved blood or brain image based test for schizophrenia",
It means in practice,there is no disease /illness can be diagnosed by the official methods of lab,as if the sz does not exists in the anatomical structure !
The existential features +functional characteristic of the sz cause remain higher than the current scientific level to a degree that all discovery methods of science unable to find the cause or its inputs/outputs

3- you were said "that’s going to happen soon enough. There’s many independent researchers getting around 80% accuracy right now,…etc)

  • It is just a repeated peroration from 100 years ago ( a words not facts),specially there is no scientific diagnosis to the cause,the symptoms and the effect until NOW