Infinite updates by self or I

Now I’m waiting for the pastor to answer so I can reload my ventra card then I can bust a move.

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2:04 pm there was an emergency at the pastors house so I can’t meet him . Therefore I’m not going plassing so I can eat this burrito…he said call back at4. I have a job fair tomorrow in crestwood(10-2 or 6-8) and a interview at this bar(7-11) in my area. I have to go to a drug treatment center tomorrow@2pm for a assessment. Plus the court orders : d/a evaluation + outpatient(psy)+ I need to go to oak forest before March 25th(court) March 19 I’ll turn 22 and I plan on finally getting my hair twisted up after 2 failed attempts. .

5:12 pm Pastor didn’t pull through. I’m done today
The :dancer::running_man: continues tomorrow.

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