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I love indie games and I love free indie games even more… so I figured I should share this site I found that offers indie games for free and up… has multiple os available… I think the link is to windows free action games… let me know if you find any good ones… so far ive dled bendy and the ink machine chapter one… kind of like hello neighbor mixed with black and white rubber style cartoons… possible trigger warnings? haven’t really looked around a whole lot I knew what game I wanted when I went in…

too late to edit this sorry… it has 18+ games on here… and it doesn’t look like its because of violence… I didn’t realize it had these types of games on here… there are massively more all ages to teen games than these dirty hentai…hentia…pron…ones though

also found a pixel rogue like game called mana spark… its pretty fun so far… if all you care about is graphics you may not enjoy it…

Path of Exile is free on steam you could try that.


i will check it out what kinda game is it?

It is like diablo.

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