Indiana Jones or Back to the Future

If you haven’t seen these movies you are missing out. The Indiana Jones movies were on Netflix last time I checked. Classics.

  • Indiana Jones
  • Back to the Future

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oh yeah

both were great

I was a teen when they came out

I voted Back to the Future

cuz I believe that was Steven Speilsberg.

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This was honestly one of the hardest choices i ever had to make. I almost didn’t vote because they’re both so awesome. I decided to vote Indiana Jones, though, because there’s more than one good one. BTTF 2 and 3 weren’t all that good, at least compared to the Indiana Jones movies. That’s my opinion.


Flat panel TVs were demonstrated in Back to the Future 2 when it was made in 1989. No flying cars or power laces as of yet. The big miss Back to the Future 2 did not predict was the Smartphone and the Internet.

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I believe Steven Spielberg directed Indiana Jones.

did he? I can’t remember.

I loved all the John Hughes movies too.

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Yeah i think Robert Zemeckis directed Back To The Future.


I remember all us teens being in the theater, several making out,

did any of us actually watch the movie?

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my parents took Ronnie and me to see King Kong when I was 5 years old, Ronnie was 6. I thought it was the saddest, scariest, most important movie ever made, and I hadn’t seen many.


IJ2 was horrid. HORRID.

BTTF2 was more of an intellectual exercise. If you are hard-core into time travel you have to absolutely admire how they wove the second story into the background of the first. Some of the best writing I’ve ever seen. And BTTF3 was still very good.

IJ3 was the capstone of that series, also incredible writing. The problem was they should have stopped there and didn’t. That’s why I voted BTTF.


How do you judge whether a film is good?

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Indiana Jones really draws me in. It’s very clever and well thought out. Nowadays movies feel so cheap and inauthentic.

Indiana jones as a film franchise.

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I love Indiana Jones movies. Back to the future is also a classic, but to answer the thread I have to go with Indiana Jones.

I loved the first mummy remake with Brandon Frazier because it had an Indiana Jones feel to it.

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Indiana Jones and the temple of god

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