Indefinite -- A beat

Despite the voices saying its trash and repetitive I think its pretty cool. What do you guys think?

It can def be improved but it isnt quite done and I dont know what to change tbh


sounds good =)
you gonna rap over it?


The intro is awesome, and the guitar work is quite good. Nice job once again

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Thanks @lekkerhondje ! I think I will, I have a chorus written already :slight_smile:

@Cragger thank you much appreciated man! Glad the link works now haha

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that’s quite possibly your inner critic.

I would try hard to successfully come out of voices.

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I like it too @zwolfgang. The voices are the ones who are trash and repetitive. lol

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Thanks @Daze Im trying lol its very difficult to ignore when theyre so consistent. I think my inner critic maybe gives the voices fuel idk

Thanks @anon97859349 very true lol they try the same old tricks!

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