Increased emotional reactivity vs flat affect in SZ

I am experiencing increased emotional reactivity in my daily life, finding myself unable to control my excitement at anything at all, on the Internet or apart from it. I can attribute this increased reactivity to my Buddhist meditation, to my rapidly expanding life experiences with other people, to my aging, to my solitude, to my new healthy environment, or to any other of a multitude of new experiences. This is not something I’m worried about. It is something I would like to decrease in strength and turn toward some less excited state, with positive results. Anyone else experiencing increased emotional reactivity? (I don’t mean mania).


When I get that way I have to sit or lie down and practice withdrawal of the senses. That way of thinking was started with The Fire Sermon.

I got upset over a friend that talk bad, is it me or them neather just to illness clashing.


I can get kind of schizy from too much solitude, but that is just me.

You changed your meds recently from seroquel, maybe the new meds are suiting you better. It sounds like things are going great.

If you want to decrease the feeling of excitement, maybe you could try taking l-theanine or a bcomplex.

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