Increased aristada

I had an increase of aristada and about a week later i started feeling sometimes seeing bugs all over me. Could this be side affects or is it in my head? My doctor just increased my morning seroquel dose. Anyone have problems with aristada?

I suppose it’s “just” abilify(or aripiprazole to be exact).

That sounds really weird. Maybe they increased the dosage because you were having problems?

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I thought it was weird too. I was having problems the increased doses seem to be helping but it seemed like that would be a weird side affect. I feel like it mist just all be in my head and the doctor was concerned so increased my dose? I hope that makes sense

All you can do is report this back to your doctor. It’s strange that it started a week later. It could be due to abilify but it could just be a coincidence.

Yeah i let my doctor know. Coincidence makes more sense. I was on abilify for 8 months before trying the shot

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Aripiprazole makes me ANXIOUS, I feel like literally crawling outta my skin.

My anxiety has been higher lately. I’ve been on it for quite awhile though so i don’t know why i would experience such intense side effects

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