Increase of Abilify

I had my doctor’s appointment today. He agreed to raise me from 2 MG to 5 MG.

I know 5 MG is still a pretty low dose, does anyone have experience with Abilify and dose increases? Did you start to have an improvement of symptoms (paranoia, delusions, anxiety) ?

Thanks everyone.

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Yes i started feeling better at 10mg, however it was very activating for me and i had to stop.

As @everhopeful will tell you anything under 5 mg is nothing but a placebo.


Nothing much will happen until you get to 10mg.

5mg will show an improvement for a few weeks then fade away. That’s what the clinical trials say.


Interesting, I’ll definitely be asking for an increase in another 3 weeks from now. I am feeling a tiny bit better but I’m also on Paxil ( 20 MG daily ) I’m going to tough it out these next 3 weeks.

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Aripiprazole 5 mg/day did not produce significantly greater improvement in PANSS Total compared with placebo at endpoint, although significant differences were seen at weeks 3-5. No statistically significant improvements compared with placebo were achieved with aripiprazole 2 mg/day at any time points. All aripiprazole doses were well tolerated. Aripiprazole was not associated with significant extrapyramidal symptoms.

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Feeling great at 10 mg up from 5 mg. I myself asked for the increase before it was scheduled. I was getting symptoms after a couple days. Now symptoms are greatly reduced, next to nothing.

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Might be out of this rough patch just about!

I started with the Abilify Maintena 400 injection, but It wasn’t enough. Now I get the injection every month and I have to take an Abilify 10 mg pill every morning.

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