Inconsistent results from Metformin!

I’ve been on metformin 1000mg(500mg twice daily) for more than a week now for weight gain caused by my antipsychotic(clozapine). My main complaint was waking up middle of the night just to eat.

On metformin I’ve noticed fluctuating results - like I would not wake up at night for 2 days in a row, then on 3rd day I wake up at night and eat, then on 4th day I wont wake up night.

Some days metformin works and some days it doesn’t - its like my appetite is reduced on certain days and then its increased again the next day.

What should i do ? I know that metformin is working on some days but its not consistent. Should i increase my metformin dose or do something else ?

I don’t think metformin is a diet medication to suppress appetite. It just normalises your blood sugar levels.



Metformin did nothing for my weight gain or loss.


I lost a lot of weight when I first started Metformin, this is sometimes to be expected, but years later I have to work/exercise and diet to lose weight/

Metformin is not a diet pill, it stabilizes blood glucose levels - its primarily a diabetes drug.

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Metformin is used off-label in psychiatry for reducing weight gain caused by atypical antipsychotics.

Just noticed metformin’s ability to work depends upon what time of the day i take it.

Metformin works if i take it 1 hour before my regular antipsychotic dose at night and also taking it at early afternoon(12pm) seems to be working instead of taking in early morning(9 am).

Initially it worked for a while but well its no longer working. The sugar cravings are back. I quit it today.