Inconclusive evidence in support of the dopamine hypothesis of psychosis: Why neurobiological research must consider medication use, adjust for important confounders, choose stringent comparators, and use larger samples



I have severe schizophrenia but I don’t take medications, medications will only make me worse.


do u have simple schizophrenia chess? u dont seem to have delusions


@cris2433 now I don’t have delusions, but in the past I had them .
I have and used to have positive, negative and cognitive symptoms,
and serious impairments since early childhood.


@Chess24 Why would medication make you worse? A small therapeutic dose of medication might well help. Do you honestly see yourself as being ok off meds?


@firemonkey I think medications will make me WORSE.
I tried a medication and it made me MUCH WORSE.
I am not willing to try anymore, I am not a guinea pig.


Once your on meds, it seems like it’s hard to get off of them. If I don’t take my vraylar as soon as a wake up, I feel like ■■■■.

It’s interesting too because the newer meds don’t affect dopamine as much.

I kind of wish I was strong enough not to take meds but I probably need down time. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time. I think my case is unique because I was experimented on several times. Sometimes, i think I’m a clone.


Chess is doing well. Exercising and reading the Torah in another language. He is good at math too.


Saying @Chess24 is doing well when his frequent mood fluctuations alone suggest otherwise isn’t helping him . He needs to be encouraged to engage with treatment whether it be medication or otherwise.