Incompatibilism: dichotomy of ends

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I think about the relationship between free will and determinism a lot.

Completely rational free will is deterministic because it follows some set of rational rules perfectly. Irrational free will is just errors and chaos. The universe affects us similarly with chaos and deterministic rules. In the end it doesn’t matter if it is deterministic or not. Our only option is to live as if we have free will.

@Treebeard Wow, for once complete agreement. Bertrand Russell made a similar point about indeterminacy - or chaos if you prefer - not delivering free will, or at least a free will worth fighting for. But there is no shortage of apparently serious neuroscients tinkering with quantum mechanics and even panpsychism to prop up the much beloved free will illusion.

You always paraphrase the ideas of others. I’m not interested in who said what about this. But I’m sure some other people would like to discuss those things with you.

Rationality is a normative notion. Rational action cannot be deterministic in a causal sense accordingly.

I’m using rational descriptively, meaning only that it follows some set of rules. Whether those rules are the correct ones or not is irrelevant. If it follows rules, it is deterministic, and if it fails to follow rules, it is error and chaos.

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