Incident at work


I was at work today doing my job in the office building of the Army Reserve. The doors to get in are kept locked, they lead into a huge two-story lobby which I often have to clean. We get a lot of people coming and going and if I’m walking by the doors and a visitor is standing outside, they tell me to let them in, but check their ID. Now, I sometimes wonder about this policy. There is always a possibility of a terrorist attack, though the chances are slim they would pick this unobtrusive building to attack but it’s a possibility. But I have asked ranking officers MANY times if it was safe to have a janitor to be in charge of letting people inside an Army Base building.They’ve told me more than a dozen times that it is OK for me to do it. Well, today I was cleaning the windows in the lobby and this women soldier comes up to me and tells me to be very careful. Seems a soldier who formerly worked in this exact building had become disgruntled and made a bomb threat, so I was to be very careful who I let in. The bomb threat was not directed specifically to this building it was a general threat to any army base. But it was kind of weird and scary. I had to tell that women that maybe I should not be letting anyone in because I’m only a janitor .She agreed.



that would kind of ’ blow ’ your mind…
i think you should ask for a raise , and get danger money…
but i think you are handling it really well.
take care

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