Should the suicidal be reprimanded?

Your thoughts?

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Of course not. They should be helped to feel better


Thanks for the input, and good advice.

No - of course we need to help them as much as possible - and be encouraged to call a support line where professionals can help, or see the doctor as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, on the Internet forums like these where everyone is anonymous and probably everyone is untrained in how to help people with specific suicidal thoughts - there is little that people can do to help other than offer a few positive thoughts.

So - whenever someone is feeling seriously suicidal we strongly recommend that they contact professionals as quickly as possible. In the USA - this is the line to call:

Perhaps someone can help with the UK phone line.

1 Like (young suicide prevention) (short respite stays for people in suicidal crisis) (help for young men 15-35)


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My pdoc explained to me in a very unhelpful tone that it is against the law to commit suicide in the USA. When I asked what was the punishment for a dead body, he said they ought to prop them all up in a jail cell for deterrent.

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Sounds like a bit of a twat,


we are all on here to support each other, and personally people talking about suicide is a good thing, i would rather they tell someone on here, than sit in their room lonely and depressed and continue their thought process in their distorted minds.
we can if we have a loving heart, listen to them and give positive advice , as untrained as we are.
it is best that they talk to a professional but not everyone is comfortable doing that .
unknowingly SurprisedJ and CarolineC helped me a long time ago just by the simple action of writing on a post i did.
kindness can never be under estimated, nor the wisdom of words.
take care


when i was homeless one of my friends went to jail for a night and he got a fifty pound fine for trying to hang himself , theres compassion for you lol.

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@Csummersx That’s terrible, i can’t believe someone would say that to someone who is mentally ill already.

That was the tip of the iceberg. I can’t believe I ever went back.

Was orginally in common law, it was a felony and all assets went to the king but these days, help to survive and feel better is the focus