Inappropriate reactions


The kind of thing i mean is smiling when someone tells you something bad has happened to them/a family member of theirs etc. It’s not something you want to do but it just seems to be an involuntary response and then you get paranoid as to whether the other person has noticed .

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That has happened. When they look at me like I’m a horrid person I do blame it on a facial tick (that I don’t really have as severely as I’ve just said.) But I try to tell them with words that I empathize. I’ve also pretended to have a sneezing fit when I feel that odd smile try to cross my face.

It gets a bit exhausting. But I do also tell a lot of people about my SZ so if something like that happens with cousins and other family, they know why it’s happening and that I’m not mocking their pain.

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I sometimes get this…not too often but it has happened. Mostly I am just indifferent to bad news.



this is pretty normal for me, that is why i don’t bother seeing people , the paranoia afterwards is not worth it.
take care