Inappropriate/funny gifts for my neighbour

so far my neighbour has received over 4 years from mrs. sith and i…she loves chickens :chicken:

  1. a metre and a half long shortbread
  2. tacky chicken timer :hatching_chick:
  3. chicken tray :baby_chick:
  4. chicken oven mits
  5. a singing chicken card :hatched_chick:
  6. chicken pens that light up with tacky feathers
  7. a singing christmas dog :dog: …a foot high !?!..what the !?!
  8. a giant lolly pop as big as a human head :lollipop:
  9. a fabric toy bird and bird house with fabric eggs…which hangs proudly in her kitchen !?! :sunny:
  10. a giant box of chocolates…i mean it was ’ BIG '… :smiley:

take people of earth :earth_africa:
take care :alien:


My favorite tacky stuff is from Archie Mcphee’s… a tacky trinket shop here in the city.

Brain shaped jello molds

Finger monsters

and my favorite… the Librarian action figure complete with “Shhhhhhh”

Tacky stuff is fun. :smiley:


i had a look…cool… :smiley:
i like the ’ crazy cat lady action figure ’ and the ’ handicorn ’ ( unicorn ) !?!..what the !?!
and i love the ’ special ’ winter scarfs :scream:
we don’t have tacky stores in australia…
we are too classy and posh !?! :imp:
take care :alien:


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