In your teens did you ever sniff airsalt cans?

I think I damaged my brain sniffing them airsalt cans

What’s that? 1515

Is that air refreshener?

most air fresher can, solvent

never, but i did live in a area that some kids were sniffing gas and whatever they could get a hold of, the kids that sniffed it were pretty messed up, very sad to see

yeah them, i lost the plot on them with teen friends

I did once so i dont think that did anything to me or maybe it did i dunno

i think many cells in my brain died from the result of solvent abuse

did you do a solvent

Ppl sniff anything, maybe even sh!t lol

its says on the can ‘‘solvent abuse can kill instantly’’

No noo only air refreshing thing

Aerosol* 1515151

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i went into a trip on them, i was in a sea of atoms , little balls made up the air…crazy trip

from google

But these toxic chemicals were never meant to be inside a human body! Using inhalants just one time can kill you . Sniffing highly concentrated amounts of the chemicals in solvents or aerosol sprays can cause heart attacks and even death within minutes.

I inhaled once accidentally a full load of pest gas. A miracle I made it.

I think he means an aerosol can

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As a kid we played on construction sites in the 70s. There were sometimes left behind matches from the workers around and we burned the plasticmaterial like packaging. Of course we inhaled the smoke. Remembering sniffing glue in kindergarten. :innocent:
Wondering if there is such thing as intelligent gases ?

No I didn’t try anything except weed when I was 16 and it just caused a lot of anxiety. After that I was too afraid to try anything because my anxiety was debilitating.

I smoked crack and tried heroin and even smoke PCP once. But I would never sniff aerosol. Never felt the urge to do it.