In your experience, is South Park right? Do gingers really not have souls?

Post can’t be empty blah blah blah


Cite empirical evidence. Such as, “I knew a ginger who hated kids”

Mr. @ninjastar is a ginger sorry ninja star can we talk this out :smiley::smiley:

@rogueone can you delete this thread. I don’t want to attack gingers. Unless they steal my pizza

People with schizophrenia are probably seen like this by others

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I adore my gingersnap, but we love this joke.

I don’t have a soul…oh wait my hair is coloured so I don’t count.


@rogueone Ninja star isn’t offended by my thread so please keep it up actually thanks

Can confirm they dont have souls. Why else do they they get burnt so easily in the sun?


That is a very good point lol

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Do gingers eat gingerbread and drink ginger beer?

Asking the right questions.


I know a ginger with many souls. She stole them from other people when they weren’t paying attention.


I worked with a ginger that made me think South Park was right.

She wasn’t mean or anything, just completely generic and dead eyed.

It was a running joke at the office.

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I effing love that guy!

Have you seen his rant about dick size?

It’s too funny.

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Hahaa yes soo good

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(tears) “As long as you’re five inches, you’re okay!!” (more tears)

Accuses the porn industry of using “robot dicks”.

That guy is hilarious.

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Except for my one childhood best friend I’ve never really gotten along with natural red heads.

I really don’t know why?

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