In what way do you think the schizophrenic hold the trump card

In what way do schzioprehnics have the advantage

When we beat odds that normal people often don’t beat, we beat like 10x the odds.

It’s like playing life on “insane” difficultly level.


People might be afraid so they’ll leave you alone… Although that’s not always true. Also, being considered disabled means benefits over the average welfare check. Can’t think of much else.

Me personally I have been humbled in a way that if I don’t succeed it’s easy to put it behind me. But at the same time I make sure to succeed. SZ=Enlightenment to me

But I don’t think enlightenment is as much of a sacrament as people play it out to be. More people are enlightened than you think. part of enlightenment is not knowing you’re enlightened though…it wouldn’t be very enlightening to say “I’m enlightened”. Hope I’m not confusing people even though I’m sure I am with my crazy thoughts. But I think I’ve striven towards enlightenment. Idk

Its our mentality, we may be ‘defective’ but we …after lots of time dealing with it ,we have learned stuff about ourselves that others haven’t.

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We always have a different point of view…

I think I observe people differently then others…

I know I’ve been complemented on my flattening … (some people like the fact that I’m calm in some situations and I don’t over re-act) I don’t tell them it’s a negative symptom.

I believe everyone with SZ is unique, so strengths & weakness differ. My strength would definitely be my confidence & relaxed attitude. It’s hard to rile me up given that I have already faced what feels like the training grounds for hell.

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i take great satisfaction from the fact most people never suffered as much as me

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been through wars and still made it by

If it don’t kill ya it’ll make you stronger.