"In twenty years, you aren't going to regret the things you did, you're going to regret the things you didn't do."

Mark Twain. I think he’s right.


Idk i regret the things i did

I regret a lot of what I did and didn’t do. it’s a side effect of being on this planet for any extended duration of time


I don’t regret anything. Honestly. I was mental I was mental. There wasn’t much I could do…

On meds I do ok. It’s different from most but that is ok. I like my life. I life as large as I can and I don’t regret where I was. I’d regret it if I lived my life otherwise. So what I’ve never jumped out of an airplane. That isn’t important to me…but I’ve been married. LIved overseas for a few years.

It’s the things that make you so why regret them? If your doing this life right you don’t want to leave any regrets behind. I do understand how sz will do that too you though.


In 20 years, I’ll be dead in all likelihood, to be honest. :confused: